Wireframe Showcase

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Wireframe Showcase

Mike Lohrman

I’m relatively new to creating detailed wireframes. I’ve always started with quick sketches and jumped right into Photoshop. After reading a few blog posts about the benefits I decided to buy some good pens and give it a shot. It has definitely helped me tremendously in the planning stage. I take a little more time to work out details in the wireframe that would take twice as long while in Photoshop.

I bought some Tombow ABT dual brush pens in colors N65, N15 and N95. I really like the way they perform and they were pretty cheap. Some people might say its overkill, but I think just having them and using them has made me concentrate and focus on the wireframes a little more.

I also write down a lot more notes. It helps to write down ideas, good or bad.

Anyway, I figured I would start with this site, hope you enjoy!